Sunday, February 15, 2015

Saudi MOH: 3 Additional MERS Cases




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Saudi Arabia reports 3 more MERS cases today, bringing their 5 day total to 29. 


One case from Riyadh appears to be community acquired, while two cases from Bureedah appear to be nosocomial. While I don’t find any recent cases reported from Bureedah, it is possible one of the recent Riyadh cases was a transfer from there.  


Hopefully the next WHO report will sort it out for us.



Since this recent uptick in cases began on Wednesday, 4 Healthcare workers have been reported infected, and a total of 11 (out of 29) cases are either confirmed or suspected to have been nosocomially acquired.  

The majority of cases, however, report no known risk exposures (see The Community Transmission Mystery).

Despite repeated attempts by the MOH to require better infection control protocols in Saudi healthcare facilities (see Saudi MOH Announces New MERS Infection Control Procedures), hospitals and clinics still appear to be a significant transmission site for the MERS coronavirus.

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