Thursday, February 26, 2015

Saudi MOH Announces 3 New MERS Cases & 3 Deaths



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We’ve an unusually late update today from the Saudi MOH, where they cite 3 new cases and three recent fatalities. But disappointingly, and without explanation, their English version doesn’t carry the usual line listing.


The Arabic version (see below) has a line listing, but as it is a graphic format, doesn’t lend itself to our normal translation tools.


However, we can piece together that one case is from Al-Jawaf, another from Riyadh, and the third is from Khobar


The cases from Riyadh and Khobar both appear to be under investigation as possibly healthcare related, although neither are listed as HCWs.

If the MOH gets an English graphic up, from which we can glean additional details, I’ll append it to this post.  

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