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Qatar Announces Their 11th MERS Case




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Although I haven’t found anything posted yet on the Qatari Supreme Council of Health (SCH) website, Crof on Crofsblog picked up a media report about an hour ago (see Qatar: SCH reports a new case of MERS) of what I believe to be the second case reported in 2015.


First a report from KUNA, after which I’ll be back with a bit more. 


Note, while `an apple a day keeps the doctor away’, in machine translated Arabic, the word `apple’ – like the word `beauty’ – often refers to `camels’.


New cases of HIV Corona Qatari citizen


08/03/2015 Now - KUNA 8:30:04 PM

New cases of HIV Corona Qatari citizen
Qatari Supreme Council of Health

Qatari Supreme Council of Health announced here today for the registration of new cases of laboratory confirmed infection (Corona) that causes AIDS Middle East respiratory Qatari citizen at the age of 69 years.

The council said in a press statement that the patient is suffering from several Ail chronic and he showed symptoms of high temperature and cough with sore throat has been admitted to the Hamad Medical Corporation to receive necessary medical care.

The statement added that the initial diagnosis was pneumonia sharply after conducting the detection and action necessary tests at national laboratories identified the positive samples for the virus (Corona).

He explained that he and immediately upon receipt of the communication team Investigation to follow up the patient, where the state of his health is stable and showed initial reports that he had been exposed to the mixing condition confirmed infected with the virus.

He said that the patient did not travel outside the State of Qatar during the last two weeks before the onset of symptoms, noting that he was mixing camel, referring to the start of conduct the necessary tests on all contacts prospective patients of family members and medical staff therapist.

He noted that the transmission routes are still unknown exactly Although much of the research studies that including the national survey, which is being implemented in the State of Qatar has pointed out the existence of a close relationship between the incidence of infection and exposure to Apple or derivatives.

The Qatari Supreme Council of Health announced on 14 February for the healing of a patient with HIV (La Coruna), which has been recording his injury in the first of February, explaining that this is the only case that has been Tsgeleta in the current year


With 941 cases, more than 85% of all known MERS infections have originated in Saudi Arabia.  Eight other Middle Eastern nations have contributed at least one case, with the UAE in second place with 75 cases, and Jordan in 3rd with 19.


In fourth place is Qatar, which – until today –  had 10 only cases recorded.  Today announcement from  Qatar’s Supreme Council of Health brings their known total to 11.


With nearly daily reports out of Saudi Arabia, yesterday’s report out of Germany of a case imported from the UAE, and now this case from Qatar, our spring MERS season seems well under way once again.

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