Thursday, March 26, 2015

Watching Indonesia: Media Reports Two H5N1 Cases In Tangerang


Tangerang is located 25 km west of the Capital City, Jakarta.


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A hat tip to Crof for picking up a Kompas report (see Indonesia: Father, son die of H5N1) which states there are positive test results for H5N1, although the Indonesian MOH website and their ancillary Sehat Negeriku site have not posted any acknowledgement of these cases.


Another media report lists these cases as merely `suspected, with test results still awaited. 


Hopefully we’ll get some official statement one way or the other in the next day or so.



Residents Cipondoh death investigated suspected Avian Health Office of Tangerang - After death, two family members of citizens of Jakarta Timur, Kota Tangerang, as infected with bird flu virus, the local health office immediately sent a team to the victim's home. "We have sent a team to check the victim's home and the environment. In order to ascertain what the cause of death of the victim, "said the head of the City Health Office of Tangerang, Roostiwie, Thursday (26/3).

Information obtained, a man with the initials N (40 years), and 2-year-old son died of bird flu virus. District residents Jakarta Timur, Kota Tangerang, it tested positive for the H5N1 bird flu. N unknown died in hospital on Tuesday (24/3) at 16.30 pm. N had experienced shortness of breath and fever after his condition deteriorated. Kids N hospitalized following this morning at around 04.00 pm. Children N also briefly hospitalized, but then referred to the Friendship Hospital Jakarta . However, his life was helpless.

While in the hospital, both are suspected of having bird flu, so must a blood test. The government asked people not to fret. Currently, the Ministry of Health and related agencies were investigating the locations visited by the victim. Namely in the neighborhood, the neighborhood, to the hospital. Roostiwie could not conclude whether the two victims died from bird flu does. For the Health Office and the Ministry of Health is still doing research. "We are still waiting for the results," said Roostiwie.


While Indonesia once led the world in H5N1 reports, in recent years they have only reported a handful of cases each year. 

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