Saturday, May 30, 2015

Korean Cluster Grows To 15


We don't have a lot of information yet (it is almost 2am in Korea), but following announcement very recently went up on the Korean Health and Human Welfare website confirming another two MERS cases.

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Patients additional two people occur , the cumulative 15 people

- B hospital patient , another patient two people , including a family one positive confirmation -

□ Department of Health and Human Services has announced the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome ( Homers ) confirmed two additional cases of positive test results .

○ today confirmed that two of the patients , one patient ( male , 35 years) patients who are admitted to the same ward with the first patient in hospital B ,

○ remaining one patient ( male, 35 years) ( inpatients in general , the current home of isolation ) mother was admitted to the same ward is the son munbyeong daily .

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