Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Korea Adds 8 More MERS Cases – Total 162





Last night’s Korean CDC update adds 8 more MERS cases, although the number of fatalities remained unchanged at 19.   Two more patients were released from the hospital, bringing the number of recovered to 19 as well.


All cases remain linked to hospital exposure.


Homers (Middle respiratory disease) diagnosed Status

Now confirmed a total of 162 people, currently 124 people (77%) of treatment, 19 patients (12%) discharge, 19 patients (12%) died

124 people are treating the patient's condition is stable 106 people (85%), unstable 18 patients (15%)

Now confirmed yesterday against eight people, two people party increased discharge, no deaths

Hospital patients infected with type 76 (47%), family / munbyeong 58 (36%), hospital workers 28 patients (17%)

  1. Confirmed party general status

    Department of Health and Human Services Homers central management task force is now 6.17 days 06:00, Homers (Middle respiratory disease) confirmed 162 people who said eight people increased compared to the previous day.

    Among patients on treatment has increased six people more than 124 people (77%) in the previous day (118 patients), 19 people had increased to two people (12%) The hospital, the death toll was unchanged in 19 patients (12%) .




Now confirm the new status

The increase compared to the previous day confirmed eight people.

155th, 156th, 157th, Samsung Seoul Hospital confirmed he had visited the emergency room of 5.26 to 5.29 days,

158th confirmed he visited the Samsung Medical Center Emergency Department 5.27 days for family care.

159th confirmed he was admitted to the ward, such as from 5.27 to 5.29 days 15th confirmed chair and Sacred Heart Hospital, Hallym University Dongtan,

The 160th confirmed diagnosis was 6.5 days 76th Gangdong Kyung Hee University School of Medicine who presented during a hospital emergency room emergency room physicians,

161st diagnosed patients who are hospitalized in the same ward at the 17th party confirmed with Good Morning Hospital in Pyeongtaek 5.27.

The 162nd diagnosis for details of Samsung Seoul Hospital staff currently underway epidemiological



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