Sunday, June 14, 2015

Korean MERS Cluster Rises To 150

# 10,208

We've a new update from the Korean CDC adding 5 new cases, bringing their MERS total to 150, and announcing their 16th fatality.

Although the translated text is as cryptic as ever, we do have several new tables included with this report that helps to give a better idea of who is being infected.   First up is a graphic showing the division of cases by type (i. hospital patient, family or visitor, or HCWs).

Next we get a chart showing the 5 new cases, all of which appear to be linked to hospital exposures.

And lastly, a demographic breakdown by age and gender.

Homers party confirmed a total of 150 people , currently 120 persons in treatment 

- being treated 120 patients condition is stable, 103 patients (86%), unstable 17 patients (14%) 

        - Now confirmed yesterday against five persons , it discharged Now four people ,   dead two people increases  
         - type of nosocomial infection atoms 47%, family / visitors 36%, workers 17% 

Department of Health and Human Services ' central Homers management task force " was 6.15 at 06 Homers during the current total of confirmed sleep 150 people and , among these 120 people it said it is treating . 

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