Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Korean MERS Cluster Rises To 35


The Korean CDC has released a new update on their MERS outbreak, and while the translations are pretty rough, once again we are adding 5 more cases to the list.  

  • Three of these cases appear to secondary cases from the index case, with one of them #34 medical staff.  
  • Two cases #31 and #35 are tertiary (3rd generation or H2H2H) transmissions, one of which is medical staff.
A big hat tip goes to Sharon Sanders on FluTrackers for helping me work through these translations. There are some gaps in our understanding of these chains of transmission, so hopefully we'll get some better details on these cases in the hours to come. 

 I've reproduced the table and machine translation of the announcement  of these new cases below.  

Homers party confirmed five people generate additional 

- Three patients are in contact with the first patient medical institutions of the B family, sympathy chair -
- Contacted each of the remaining 2 patients diagnosed in 16 hospitals the same parties and E ward patients,
14 Confirmed characters D in contact with health professionals in medical institutions within the infected cases -

□ Department of Health and Human Services' central Homers management task force "is Thurs., June 4th, Homers test results announced five additional cases were confirmed as positive.

○ all three patients, were confirmed as the final touch in a positive medical wards, such as from 5.15 to 5.17 days in patients with B first institution, family, party sympathy Homers genetic tests conducted there are symptoms such as fever.

○ In another 2 patients diagnosed each party ① 16 times in hospitals E 5.28 to 30 days the patient was admitted to the same ward ② 14 times in the D institutions who confirmed contact a physician 5.27 days, fever symptoms have conducted gene in the test It was identified as end-positive.

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