Monday, June 29, 2015

Korean MERS Update: No New Cases Or Deaths



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With the exception of seeing two patients released from the hospital (bringing the total under care to 57 people), there were no real changes in the Korean MERS situation in the overnight update.   No additional cases have been reported for 48 hours, and deaths remain constant at 32.


Homers (Middle respiratory diseases) Daily Tracking

57 people under treatment (31.3%), hospital discharge 93 (51.1%) died, 32 (17.6%) with a total of 182 people confirmed

Decreased compared to day 2 of treatment, hospital Here two people increases, the death toll unchanged, confirmed unchanged

57 states are stable treatment 43 patients (75.4%), stable in 14 patients (24.6%)

82 people diagnosed type of hospital patients, family / visits 64 people, hospital workers 36 people

  1. General Status

    Department of Health and Human Services Homers central management task force is now 06:00 6.29 days, the patient is being treated juleotgo two people in 57 (31.3%), The hospital said two people stretched hayeotdago increased a total of 93 patients (51.1%).

    There was no change to the deaths, 32 (17.6%), there was no new confirmed two days are also confirm the day before against fluctuations do not occur.

    The patient's condition is stable, being treated 43 people, 14 people are unstable.


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