Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Korean MOH: List Of Hospitals & Public Transportation Affected By MERS

koream Map


# 10,220


The list of hospitals affected by MERS in Korea continues to grow, with the latest update showing 13 hospitals having admitted MERS cases, and another 70 hospitals visited by patients who turned out to have MERS.

As we’ve seen previously described, their is a cultural tendency for `doctor shopping’ in South Korea, where patients will frequently visit several medical facilities when seeking medical care.


Also included is a short list of public transportation venues where infected cases had visited (see box below).  Based on the dates provided, we are getting towards the end of the average incubation period for those who might have been exposed there.



The full list of hospitals is available (in English) in a PDF File at Hospitals with Known MERS Exposure (6.16).

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