Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thailand MOH Statement On Their 1st MERS Case




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The Thai MOH has posted a statement on their first imported MERS case, and I’m happy to report that the machine translation from Thai to English are fare more readable than those from Korean. 


The details are essentially what was previously reported in the media, although we now have an arrival date of June 15th.



TBA. Patients with respiratory disease first Middle East.

Ministry of Public Health Respiratory disease patients, the first Middle East. Welcome to the Middle East today are disease care in institutions Bamrasnaradura. With disease following exposure of 59 people was completed. Thailand detection patients faster. A surveillance system The standard treatment for linking the public, private, public, do not panic. To maintain personal hygiene, eating hot spoon in hand, patients with chronic diseases to avoid traveling to foreign countries with outbreaks. Should you have any further information Call the hotline of the Department of Disease Control, in 1422.

Today (18 June 2558) at 18:00 am. The Ministry of Health, Nonthaburi. Prof. MD. Rajatavan Rajatanavin Minister of Health. Along with Dr. Surachet static Niramai Ministry of Health. Acting Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health press release. Has conducted surveillance and screening patients with respiratory Middle East since the beginning of the year, 36 of the negative results out today was the first confirmed victim Middle Eastern male about 70 years old admitted to the Institute Bamrasnaradura.

The patients come from countries in the Middle East on June 15, 2558 for the treatment of heart disease. The private hospital in Thailand On arrival, he was admitted to a private hospital on June 15, 2558 and the hospital was following the instructions of the Ministry of Health and experts strict coordination with the Health Ministry in advance. With the patient and relatives did not mingle with others. Disease prevention and control measures Including a laboratory, according to the guidelines. And according to the World Health Organization He was later sent to the Institute Bamrasnaradura treatment. Admitted to the disease. And laboratory confirmation. Laboratory results from the second day of June 18, 2558 was positive patients are now treated at the Institute Bamrasnaradura stable condition.

For disease following exposure of 59 people have now been conducted by the observed symptoms. Hospitals or symptoms at home. And staff will check for signs every day of the operation, according to the Infectious Diseases Act was signed in 2523, announced this disease is contagious and dangerous announced in the Royal Gazette. 

For the public Do not panic One patient who traveled from abroad. And we detected early. And be careful with it For example, in Malaysia, the Philippines, the patient quickly and prevent a wider outbreak. People take measures "to eat hot spoon in hand," patients with chronic diseases to avoid traveling to foreign countries with outbreaks. For the general public If traveling to countries where outbreaks have not asked to get in touch with patients. And back to Thailand within 14 days if fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, wear a mask to prevent disease. A doctor at the hospital. The cooperation of the public, we will control this disease. If you have questions or need more information contact us at. DDC 1422 free hotline 24 hours a day.

******************************* June 18, 2558

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