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Thailand: MOH Update On MERS- June 19th



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Thailand’s Ministry of Health has posted an update on the MERS situation in their country roughly 24 hours after announcing the detection of that country’s first imported case.   While still a bit cryptic, machine translations from the Thai language are a bit more readable than what we’ve been dealing with the past few weeks with Korean.


The gist, however, is that so far only the index case has tested positive, although 85 people were potentially exposed and are being monitored for symptoms.  Tests on one or more close contacts are still underway, but so far none have tested positive.


Additional surveillance and infection control steps have been ordered for Suvarnabhumi Airport (aka Bangkok International Airport), including thermal fever scanning, and a hotline has been set up to provide MERS information. .  


News reports of respiratory diseases, the Middle East or homers.

(Middle East Respiratory Syndrome: MERS)

Friday, June 19, 2558

1. The situation on June 19, 2558.  

1.) patients in first confirmed cases. 

2.) There are reports of 85 people exposed to the disease.    

3.) situation worldwide as of June 18, 2558 the World Health Organization Western Pacific Region (Western Pacific Region WPRO), South Korea. 165 patients were included (as new cases 3 cases), patients first trip to China, 23 have died.

4.) Do not believe all the rumors. Please follow the news from the Ministry of Health. If in doubt, call 1422 24 hours a day.

2. TBA. The laboratory results revealed a close contact. Waiting again

      Dr. Surachet static Niramai Acting Permanent Secretary for Public Health, said this evening the results of laboratory tests. Of those under investigation. In cases of close contact with the patient. Test results are not confirmed as negative and to collect samples over the next 1-2 days.   

3. The results of the 1422 hotline service. Consult the public about the disease homers.

          Starting on June 1, 2558 until June 19, 2558, with the hotline, please call the Department of Disease Control, including 341 calls, 85 calls a day, most asked question is able to travel to such areas. Korea it? Symptoms and Prevention

4. Performance of the Health Control. Suvarnabhumi Airport

1.) What instructions (health beware card) aircraft on 37 flights from areas vulnerable to over 100,000 tickets
for cooperation on alert. The screening measures at airports. And the introduction of stricter clean air of the airline.

2.) Set up automatic thermometer (Thermoscan) further includes four mounting points alcohol gel over 200 distribution points throughout the airport with a mask to the information point.

3) coordinate immigration sent from the infected area until. Check the temperature before allowing anyone access.

5. The daily recommended to protect themselves from the disease homers.

1.) Avoid close touch with the patient respiratory or who are coughing or sneezing. Follow the hygiene and eat a hot spoon Wash hands frequently with soap and water.

2.) If fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat should avoid mixing with other people. When coughing or sneezing, using a tissue mouth and nose every time. And dispose of used toilet paper in the trash and wash your hands closed. Wear a mask And immediately see a doctor or local health authorities. And identify risks that may be exposed to diseases like traveling from countries with outbreaks. Or close contact with patients with suspected disease homers.

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