Friday, June 26, 2015

Xinhua: China’s Imported MERS Case Released From Hospital

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The Korean businessman - son of the 3rd MERS-CoV case and the younger brother of the 4th MERS-CoV case – who traveled against medical advice through Hong Kong on his way to Guangdong Province, has been released from a Chinese hospital after nearly a month of treatment.

In last week’s Eurosurveillance report on China’s Imported MERS Case we learned his condition had improved and doctors were basically waiting for him to test negative for shedding of the virus.

Unlike with Korea’s index case, extensive contact tracing (in China and Hong Kong) has failed to turn up any secondary cases as a result to exposure to this patient during his travels, or hospitalization. 



China's first MERS patient discharged from hospital

(Xinhua)    16:14, June 26, 2015


GUANGZHOU, June 26 -- China's first confirmed Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) patient was discharged from hospital and returned to the Republic of Korea (ROK) on Friday, the health and family planning commission of Guangdong Province said.

The 44-year-old Korean man tested positive for MERS in Guangdong on May 29.

The man has had no fever for more than 10 days, and has tested negative for MERS twice.

The man had visited a MERS patient at an ROK hospital and expressed discomfort as early as May 21. Despite a doctor recommending that he cancel his travel plans, he flew to Hong Kong on May 26 and entered Huizhou City via Shenzhen.

MERS is a respiratory illness caused by a coronavirus. The first human case emerged in Saudi Arabia in 2012. There is no vaccine or treatment for the disease, which has a fatality rate of about 40 percent.

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