Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Korea: Four Days Without A New MERS Case


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The news remains encouraging out of South Korea where they’ve now gone 4 days without reporting a new MERS case. Additionally the number of fatalities remains steady at 33, although a dozen patients are still described as `unstable’.


The number of patients still hospitalized stands at 52, but the number released has risen to 97.




Homers (Middle respiratory diseases) Daily Tracking

52 people under treatment (28.6%), hospital discharge 97 (53.3%) deaths confirmed by 33 patients (18.1%), a total of 182 people

Decreased compared to day 2 of treatment, hospital Here two people increases, the death toll unchanged, confirmed unchanged

52 stable condition being treated 40 patients (76.9%), instability in 12 patients (23.1%)

82 people diagnosed type of hospital patients, family / visits 64 people, hospital workers 36 people

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