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Korea: MERS Cases Moved From Samsung Hospital

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As one of the largest, most respected, and best equipped hospitals in Korean, Samsung Hospital in Seoul, South Korea would seem to be the ideal place to isolate and treat MERS cases.  The reality, however, has been that nearly half of the 184 cases to date have been acquired by patients, staff, and visitors to that facility, and new cases continue to appear.

Over the past two nights we’ve seen two nurses announced infected, and there are reports today of a doctor being tested for the virus.  Final results should be available by the end of the day.


Between the hospital’s inability to stop the spread of the virus, and the attrition amongst their medical staff (14 have been infected), the decision has been made to move  12 of their 15 MERS cases to two other hospitals. 


Of the three others, one is ready to go home and two are unable to be moved due to the treatment they are receiving for pre-existing conditions.


Follow the link below to read the entire report in the Korea Times.


MERS patients at Samsung Medical moved

By Kim Se-jeong

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) patients at Samsung Medical Center (SMC) have been transferred to two state-run hospitals in Seoul, according to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Friday.

The transfer came after concerns SMC could breed further cases because new outbreaks keep on occurring there, including two nurses who were diagnosed the previous day.

At SMC, 15 patients were treated. Nine of them were transferred to either the National Medical Center or the Seoul Metropolitan Government-Seoul National University Boramae Medical Center. Three more are waiting to be moved.

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