Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Saudi MOH Announces 1 New MERS Case (Riyadh)


# 10,344


After having gone four days without reporting a fresh MERS case, the Saudi MOH announced a new case in the country’s capital city today, that of a 32 year-old expatriate who is listed in critical condition.

No information regarding a possible risk exposure or source of infection was indicated.



While it is assumed that some small percentage of community acquired cases are the result of exposure to infected animals (primarily camels) or contaminated animal products, for the vast majority of community acquired cases we still don’t know how or where they were exposed.


For more on all of this, you may wish to revisit WHO EMRO: Scientific Meeting Reviews MERS Progress & Knowledge Gaps, where we looked at some of the glaring deficits in our understanding of how, and why MERS transmits the way it does.

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