Friday, August 28, 2015

Media Reports Of Two Additional MERS Cases In Jordan (Updated)


(See update at bottom)




Earlier this week we learned of two Jordanian MERS cases – reportedly a man in his 60s  and a 38 y.o. male – both with recent travel out of the country.  Yesterday the media reported the death of the 60-something patient. 


Today, there are fresh media stories indicating two additional cases have been detected, although I have found no official statement  to that effect.  


The ages and conditions are different, and these media reports have incremented the number of Jordanian cases to 16, both of which strongly suggests these represent the 3rd and 4th case reported this week. 


The relationship – if any – between any of these patients has not been mentioned. Unlike the first two cases,  today’s report contains no indication of recent travel abroad by these cases.


As always, Caveat Lector.   I’ll continue to look for more information, but here is one of the recent reports.



Registration of two cases of new Pfyrus "Corona" in Jordan

Announced here today for the registration of new HIV Koruna two goals in Jordan, bringing the total number of casualties since the first appearance of the disease in 2012 to 16 injured.

It quoted Jordan News Agency of communicable diseases at the Ministry of Health of Jordan, Dr. Mohammed Abdullat saying that scored the body of a citizens Jordanians of the first of them 78 years old and suffering from cancer and his health is nothing wrong and the second 47-year-old Mkhalt injury installed describing his health as good.

The Jordanian Ministry of Health has registered two goals new virus "Corona" on Monday and Tuesday after the last stop for more than a year for the registration of the disease casualties in Jordan

UPDATED  11:45 EDT 8/28


My thanks to Sharon Sanders of FluTrackers for this updated report from the Jordanian News Agency PETRA.   It indicates that these two new cases were detected through epidemiological contact tracking of the original cases.


Health Balchorona recorded two goals, bringing the total number to 16 cases

Oman August 28 (PETRA)-the total number of HIV infections in koruna Jordan since the first case of the disease in 2012 to 16 injured after registering new infections on Thursday, according to the Director of communicable diseases at the Health Ministry Dr Mohammad Al-abdallat.

Abdallat said in a statement issued by the Ministry's Information Center said on Friday: "the latest from citizens first reaches 78 years and is suffering from cancer and his condition is critical and 47-year-old is the second contacts for injuring the health status, describing proven good.

He added that the discovery of the injury came as a result of contact follow-up epidemiological survey Directorate teams dates of follow-up and monitoring of contacts were finally discovered.

The Health Ministry has recorded new HIV infections koruna on Monday and Tuesday after more than a year of record casualties in Jordan.

-(PETRA) a t/h a 28/8/2015-02:44 pm


Meanwhile the ECDC tweeted the following advice about a half hour ago, with a graphic showing the number of travelers expected to transit between Europe and Saudi Arabia over the next couple of months.



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