Monday, August 31, 2015

Saudi MOH: Riyadh Adds 6 More MERS Cases


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The MERS outbreak in Riyadh isn’t showing any signs of abating on this last day of August, with 6 additional cases announced in the latest update.   Five of the six are listed as `contacts with confirmed or suspected cases’ – likely part of the ongoing nosocomial outbreak – with one outlier with no known contact.

One case  - a 33 y.o. female – is listed as a healthcare worker.   Two recoveries and two deaths are also reported.



Based on the following ECDC chart – which is already 13 cases behind - August 2015 will go down as the third heaviest MERS month for the Saudis, and the most active month since June 2014. .


Credit ECDC 20th MERS Risk Assessment

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