Thursday, September 10, 2015

Jordan Announces 3 Additional MERS Cases



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The low-keyed, slow rolling (and parsimonious) announcements on additional MERS cases out of Jordan continues today with a very brief announcement via PETRA – the Jordanian News Agency – of three more cases.    A h/t goes to Sharon Sanders of FluTrackers for picking this item up this morning.


This brings to 11 the number of cases reported out of Jordan over the past 16 days, all apparently linked to a single introduction of the virus from a traveler recently returned from Saudi Arabia. 


According to a recent WHO update, this index case was treated at two separate hospitals over a period of two weeks before his MERS diagnosis was made.  The Jordanian Ministry of Health website remains silent on these cases, publishing only a couple of recent reassuring articles indicating that `all measures’ to contain MERS were being taken.



(machine translated)

Health announces the registration of three new cases Balchorona

Amman, September 10 (Petra) -sgelt the Ministry of Health on Thursday installed three injuries Middle East respiratory syndrome (Koruna).

The director of communicable diseases Dr Mohammed Abdullat that this communion of the cases installed, the ministry announced previously reported cases.

He added that the discovery of cases is part of the active investigation and monitoring of contacts at home and relatives conducted by the ministry for 15 days for Mkhaltin.

He explained that the injuries are being treated in hospitals, pointing out that the number of cases recorded this year amounted to 11 cases.

It is said that symptoms of Balchorona, are: high temperature to 38 degrees or more, coughing and difficulty breathing.

- (Petra) A T / RB / P c 09/10/2015 - 16:14

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