Monday, October 26, 2015

Korea: Quarantine Lifted On 190 Contacts Of `Relapsed’ MERS Case



During the first month of South Korea’s MERS outbreak, when the number of new cases was rising rapidly, the World Health Organization released recommendations on bringing the outbreak under control that called for (among other things):

  • early and complete identification and investigation of all contacts
  • robust quarantine/isolation and monitoring of all contacts and suspected cases
  • full implementation of infection prevention and control measures; and
  • prevention of travel, especially internationally, of infected persons and contacts

A week later we saw Korea Puts More Teeth In Their Quarantine Laws, and over the summer literally thousands of MERS contacts were ordered into 14-day home quarantine in their successful campaign to halt the MERS virus. While an aggressive tactic, South Korea has not reported a new infection with the MERS virus in nearly 4 months.

Two weeks ago, when Korea’s last PCR-Positive MERS patient relapsed with a fever and a positive MERS test (see Korean Govt. Statement On MERS Patient `Relapse’ and Isolation) after being discharged from the hospital, public health authorities placed nearly 200 close contacts under home quarantine.


Today marks 14 days – the assumed maximum incubation for the MERS virus – since their quarantine, so today they get the all clear.   The following  translation from the Korean Ministry of Health is followed by a somewhat more readable English Language report from KBS news:


MER près 80 second patient related isolation now power off

□ The Ministry of health and the central headquarters of the management measures that the Mer last October 11, fever symptoms as in direct contact with patients or hospitalized 80th circulation were active surveillance measures for women isolated and superimposed them over this MERs-related without 14 days today (26) 00: power has been turned off.

○ 80 patients Inspector

: Has the patient contact (5.27) → Samsung Seoul hospital isolation of hospitalization (4.1) → diagnosis (4.2) → Seoul National University Hospital supply (4.5) released the final Voice Award (10.1) → → (6.4) → Seoul National University Hospital re admitted (10.11)

Scale on the one hand, being admitted to the hospital, Seoul National University, 80 patients with underlying disease blood first against cancer is being treated as normal.


Quarantine Lifted on People in Contact with MERS Patient

Write : 2015-10-26 16:35:36 Update : 2015-10-26 16:59:28

Health authorities have lifted the quarantine on people who came in contact with a patient once thought to be the last South Korean to recover from Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).

The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) said on Monday that 190 people were released from quarantine on Monday as they did not show any MERS symptoms for 14 days after coming into contact the 35-year-old MERS patient.

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