Thursday, October 29, 2015

Korean University Research Center: Respiratory Outbreak Of Unknown Etiology




We’ve a bit of a mystery this morning, with a respiratory outbreak reported at Konkuk University, reportedly linked to an animal research lab.  Thirty-one people are currently affected, and are either hospitalized or in home quarantine. 


Despite intensive testing for a wide variety of human and zoonotic diseases, no cause has been established.  They’ve apparently ruled out MERS, Influenza, Brucellosis, Q Fever, Legionella,  and a number of fairly common respiratory viruses.


Most of the patients appear to have only mild symptoms, but as this has occurred at an animal research facility, getting to the bottom of this is obviously a priority.  The somewhat syntax-challenged translation  from the Korean HHW website follows.


Respiratory disease-related research in progress, konkuk University

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Person in charge of the Department of infectious disease management and Jin Kwak

Konkuk University research related to respiratory disease progression occurred in

□ Disease control headquarters (General Manager Yang Byung Kook) Oct. 29 00: currently, konkuk University as a respiratory disease-related causes all 31 people during the investigation of the DOE, which is in contrast to an additional ten cases at 17:00 on the day before the receipt of the said situation.

○ 31 cases of fever and respiratory symptoms, as reported, is currently one of these 23 national treatment and inpatient care on a relatively mild symptoms, is being quarantined at home 8.

□ Field epidemiological investigation of the cause of a respiratory disease, 31, all animal life sciences Pavilion of cases the DOE building as people were working in the last week of the onset of intensively between BOA, the buildings and the associated mass of common factors are believed to occur.

○ To identify the causes of the onset of the patient and building environmental specimen from the headquarters of the bacterial disease control take ‧ virus testing, and currently does not make this an unusual feature,

* Major test results

: Genetic testing conducted with respect to the cause and the serum antibody test for some patients was confirmed by negative

‧ PCR-negative infectious diseases tests

- Respiratory bacteria: Mycoplasma, Chlamydia, whooping cough, diphtheria
- Respiratory viruses: Merck's, adenovirus, RS virus, parainfluenza virus, virus meth pneumophila,
Boca virus, influenza virus, corona virus

‧ PCR negative antibody test in progress or infectious diseases
- Brucellosis, Q fever, Legionella (3 weeks after retesting with convalescent serum)

* The possibility to end the cause of the infection, called the voices excluded, depending on the symptoms, such as retesting is also available

○ The collective generation of infectious pathogens, as well as environmental factors and related chemicals from various angles, including the possibility of an investigation.

□ Meanwhile, konkuk University/College closed for animal Sciences University building measures 28-sustainable, and last October 8-28 of its buildings to access if you have a fever a disease management Division to report to the call center (109) Guide.

○ In the SK Group building, 10.25, public employment has been a test, SK Group has nearly 500 for causing the symptoms of disease control headquarters over to the call center (109) to use to quickly launched a separate Bulletin.

□ Moreover, disease control headquarters levels and respiratory symptoms in the patient care medical institutions: ensure that the life sciences University, konkuk University School of animal power ever for physicians and Hospital Association cooperate with the request.


I’ll update when we know more.

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