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Indonesian MOH Takes Note Of Unidentified Papua Outbreak


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In an update to yesterday’s report (see Indonesia: `Mystery Illness’ Kills 56 Children In Papua), we’ve twitter  confirmation from the Indonesian MOH Public Communications Office acknowledging the investigation, but ratcheting down the fatal case count to 31 children, not 41 or 56 as reported by the media.


Regardless of the actual number – and early media (and often official) reports get the details wrong –quite clearly something is killing children in the far eastern province of Papua.  This is an area with extremely high child mortality, however, and the cause may prove to be something far from exotic.


The main Indonesian MOH website is unreachable this morning (it times out), so I’ve been unable to see what they may have posted on their site.  But we do have several articles this morning in Detik Health on the outbreak, the first thanks to Gert Van Der Hoek on FluTrackers who posted it on this thread this morning.


Investigate Mysterious Death 32 Children in Papua, the Ministry of Health Inquiry Team to Location
Thursday, 26/11/2015

Jakarta, Ministry of Health has received reports about the mysterious death of 32 children in the District Mbuwa, Ndunga regency, Papua. The team of experts has been sent to uncover the cause of the incident. "My team and DHO Papua were at the scene to conduct an investigation," said Director General of Disease Control and Environmental Health (P2PL) Ministry of Health, Dr HM Subuh, MPH detikHealth when contacted on Thursday (26 / 11/2015). About the latest developments in the field investigation results, Subuh claimed to have not received a report.

Limited access to communication at the site became an obstacle for the latest information quickly. Clearly, Dawn submit corrections that the number of victims is not 41 as reported so far, but 31 cases. Meanwhile, head of the Papua Health Office Dr. Aloysius Giyai, as reported previously detikHealth MKes calls since October 2015 until today the number of victims reached 32 children.

Most of the victims are children children under the age of 2 years. The reported symptoms include high fever, convulsions and diarrhea. Both the Ministry of Health and the Papua Health Office is still awaiting the results of the examination of samples in the laboratory to determine the cause of death of the boys. Although the symptoms are similar to malaria, tests have been conducted by the officer showed negative results. Another suggestion that developing pneumonia (pneumonia) and ARI (Acute Respiratory Infections). "The important thing now is no reduction of the province and center," said Dawn.


In another report, also from Detik Health, we get a slightly different take, and it is not entirely clear over what time span these deaths have occurred.  Some reports indicate days or weeks, this one seems to indicate a couple of months.


Mysterious Death about 32 Children in the District Ndunga, this explanation Papua Health Office

AN Uyung Pramudiarja - detikHealth

Thursday, 26/11/2015 09:14 pmJakarta, Dozens of children in the District Ndunga, Papua reportedly died and up to now unclear what the ailment. Chief Medical Officer of Papua, Dr. Aloysius Giyai, MKes straighten maze of them. "Not 41 cases as reported. Until three days ago, there were 31 cases, and yesterday there was one new case. So the total 32 cases," said Dr. Aloysius detikHealth when contacted on Thursday (26/11/2015), of deaths of children, mostly under the age of 2 years, according to Dr. Aloysius occurred since October 2015. "So instead of once in a while, but the case has since 2 months then, "added Dr. Aloysius.

About the alleged cause of death, Dr. Aloysius do not want to speculate. According to him, this time he has sent a team of experts who will conduct field sampling. The sample will be examined in the laboratory to ensure the disease. Dozens of children in Mbuwa District, Regency Ndunga reportedly died with symptoms similar to malaria. Yet malaria test results were negative, the alleged pneumonia (pneumonia) and ARI (Acute Respiratory Infection).

Regency Ndunga is a division of Jayawijaya. Being in the expanse of the Valley Baliyem, this area has an altitude of 1,500 - 2000 meters above sea level. (Up / vit)


And last, an article that seems to be largely speculation, suggesting a parasitic infection might be behind these deaths.  Once again we see mention of dead farm animals in the vicinity.


There Possible Parasitic Infection in Mysterious Death Case of 32 kid in Papua

AN Uyung Pramudiarja - detikHealth

Thursday, 11/26/2015 12:47 pm

Jakarta, causes the death of 32 boys in the District Mbuwa, Ndunga Regency, Papua unclear. The Ministry of Health calls is possible parasitic infections. "Judging from the reported symptoms (ie) fever, high, seizures and no diarrhea could have been by viruses and bacteria or parasites," said Director General of Disease Control and Environmental Health (P2PL) Ministry of Health, Dr HM dawn, MPH. But according dawn, laboratory test results until now unknown.

The team from the Ministry of Health and the Department of Health Papua is now gone to the field to take samples. Chief Medical Officer of Papua, Dr. Aloysius Giyai, Kes mentions in Ndunga District recorded 32 children died in the last 2 months. In the area also had an outbreak that causes the dead farm animals, including pigs.

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A mystery to be sure, and one that – given the remote location and lack of medical infrastructure – may take some time to unravel.  

Stay tuned.

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