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Korean Respiratory Outbreak Investigation – Day 7


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Although Korean investigators have yet to isolate a cause of the pneumonia outbreak centered around the Animal Life Sciences building at Konkuk University, there is good news today as no new cases (suspected or confirmed) have been added over the past 24 hours.


The case counts remains at  52 pneumonia cases in isolation and 28 with mild respiratory symptoms in home quarantine. None of the pneumonia cases are listed as severe, and many are now showing signs of recovery.


More than 1600 others – contacts of  patients or having exposure to the building - are being monitored. All of the pneumonia cases worked on floors 3-7 of the Life Sciences building. Other than 5 positive tests for Rhinovirus (considered an incidental finding), none of the extensive testing has revealed a plausible cause.


Serological testing, while negative so far, will need to be repeated in a couple of weeks.


Given the gradual slowdown in cases a week after the life sciences building was closed, and the lack of any secondary transmission to family contacts, investigators increasingly suspect an environmental contaminant (fungal, bacterial, or chemical) may be involved.  


Answers may take awhile, as environmental testing – particularly for fungi – can take several weeks or even months.

Tomorrow (11/5) an advisory panel will meet to discuss the case-control study and to assess the epidemiological investigation into this outbreak.  Hopefully we’ll get more details then.

This (translated) update comes from the Korean CDC.


Konkuk University respiratory disease epidemiology elapsed (Primary 7)

No doubt today a new patient

It had Centers for Disease Control (General Manager Yang byeongguk) is a respiratory disease, Konkuk University jeopsugeon reported until 11.4 days 0 in relation to the outbreak of 80 cases (cumulative) as a new report for the last day is not,

* 52 suspected cases confirmed in seven of them dispersed far and getting medical treatment, isolated,

- Suspected: chest X-phase with 10.8 days of life since the founding of the University Animal Science College visited the building character and if you have fever over 37.5 ℃ suspected pneumonia findings

* Chest radiography results cases classified as suspected cases do not meet the definition: 28 people

Chest radiography and symptoms of mild cases without waiting unclassified: 0 people

No cases of severe, showing an improvement of 48 patients hospitalized after the state, according to physician judgment * and (Yesterday increase compared to 24 people), a case that one people showing symptoms of fever, worsening cases are not revealed.

* PCP criteria: improvement on the clinical symptoms or chest radiograph

In addition, Secretary of 11.3 days Coordination meeting was held presided Check this regard,

While the government focused on quickly determine the cause, for the required follow-up actions to the epidemiological and relevant ministries have agreed to cooperate ‧ supported.

Centers for Disease Control and epidemiological investigation is currently underway and the Environment Survey, as the state does not have specific information on the pathogen test results to date,

* Total Rhino virus confirmed in 5 patients, but this is Konkuk University and one kinds of respiratory illness with flu viruses that are prevalent in the current domestic Relevance Low

11.5 days through a private advisory panel meeting scheduled to be held epidemiology, ongoing case-control investigations will assess the progress of sectoral in-depth epidemiological investigations.


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