Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sichuan Province, China Reports 1 H5N1 Case In Critical Condition


Via the Health and Family Planning Commission website for Sichaun Province we've confirmation of a newly reported H5N1 infection in the capital city Chengdu.   Based on the narrative, the 42 year-old male patient fell ill on December 27th, was seen on an outpatient basis until January 2nd, and hospitalized on that date.

According to this report, he tested positive for H5N1 10 days after admission, leaving a lot of questions regarding the the level of surveillance for avian flu in local hospitals.

Chengdu confirmed one case of H5N1 cases

Author: AdministratorHzijun   
2016-01-13, Wednesday

Really good job in winter and spring sudden acute infectious disease prevention and control work, the province at all levels of the health department of health to strengthen the monitoring of cases of pneumonia of unknown causes investigation work.

January 12, Chengdu, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention province respectively from a patient with unexplained pneumonia respiratory specimens detected H5N1 virus nucleic acid positive. The epidemiological investigation, the case history of contact with live poultry before the onset. January 13, the provincial expert group based on clinical manifestations, epidemiology, laboratory, determined that the patient was H5N1 confirmed cases. Experts believe that in this case appears to sporadic cases. 

Patients were male, 42 years old, now living in Qingyang Area communities, December 27, 2015 began to appear fever and other symptoms, it has outpatient and inpatient treatment in Qingyang Area Hospital. January 2, 2016, because of exacerbations, emergency transferred to a general hospital in Chengdu, treatment, clinical diagnosis of severe pneumonia, respiratory failure. Currently, the patient's condition is extremely critical, province Group is to rescue. 

Disease control departments have been terminal disinfection residence and surrounding environment of patients, 58 close contacts under medical observation after no exception, no new cases have been reported.

Experts suggest that to prevent respiratory diseases, should pay attention to indoor ventilation, reasonable rest, reducing to stay in the crowded, poor air spaces; routinely wash their hands, coughing and cover your nose and mouth when sneezing and other personal hygiene; not in contact no production and consumption of sick or dead poultry, buy fresh, live, pay attention to see when frozen poultry quarantine certificate. Once flu symptoms, to timely medical treatment.

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