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Macao Detects H7 In Poultry Market - Live Sales Halted 3 Days

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Macao, which is one of the most densely populated regions on earth, imports nearly all of its food - including live poultry - from neighboring Guangdong province.   Guangdong has, over the past four years, been the second most active province for H7N9 activity.

Today Macao authorities are reporting that environmental samples taken at a local live poultry market have tested positive for the H7 avian flu virus (full subtype not provided), and the culling of roughly 15,000 birds has been ordered. 

Today's revelation will no doubt attract the attention of Hong Kong's authorities, as they lie roughly 50 miles to the east, and also import thousands of live birds every week from the mainland.

First the official statement from the Macao government website, then a link to a Xinhua report.

The year 2016-02-03

Municipal Affairs on February 3 near the evening confirmed the Provisional Sha Li head downtown one of the environmental samples taken from three birds, positive for the H7 subtype of bird flu virus. Avian influenza contingency plan is activated in real time of the SAR Government, decided to suspend the Macao sale of live poultry for three days, and slaughtered wholesale, and retail outlets for thorough cleansing and disinfection, and poultry workers health will also be on the market for medical monitoring.

Home Department temporary PEAR head downtown 158th stalls on the first floor (written) environmental samples of the H7 virus was detected and confirmed by the source supplying the chicken chickens from smart, CMAI has informed Mainland and common source investigations. Meanwhile, based on the public health and safety considerations, the Home Department will be tonight in the wholesale market over more than 15,000 live birds destroyed in full, and the Macao would from now on, stop the sale of live birds for three days. Under the breaking strain of avian influenza programme, check out suspected environmental sources of samples related to registration will be suspended for Macao, the source of the virus research, both sides confirmed so far for supplying other registration farm of live birds, environmental cleaning and disinfection in the wholesale market after three days of resumption.

In addition, the SAR Government on the wholesale market, and Macao three bird stalls in the markets a full range of cleaning and disinfection, and to the Macao poultry workers and related staff issued health guidelines. As environment sample in the check out H7 type avian influenza virus of market stalls, Health Council has will the stalls of male tenant people and the two name respectively for a male a female of employees set for close contact who, Health Council are arrangements three people to ren Earl integrated hospital accept check and the isolation medical observation, they will will was isolation observation ten days, during regularly accept check H7N9 virus, about detection results will immediately foreign announced.

The other hand, the Health Bureau called on February 3 on a temporary water markets and the stalls are hot sewing thread if you have any questions please call the Board of health infectious diseases 2870 0800 to schedule assessments and other measures. If there are symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, and immediately put on a mask and not to travel by public transport, ren Earl, summoned an ambulance to General Hospital Emergency Department for treatment.


MACAO, Feb. 3 (Xinhua) -- An H7 avian flu virus was detected in samples of poultry sold in Macao's street market, officials from Macao's Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM) and the Health Bureau (SSM) said Wednesday.

Authorities confirmed that the 15,000 live chickens were imported from Guangdong province and all the poultry in the wholesale market had been culled.

The government decided to temporarily suspend live poultry sales for three days, an IACM official said.

Local authorities also ordered all poultry stalls in Macao's market streets to clean and disinfect.

Macao's IACM has asked relevant departments of the mainland to trace the source of the virus together.

The health bureau said it was placing employees who were in contact with the poultry under medical observation.

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