Friday, February 19, 2016

Saudi MOH Announces A 5th Recent MERS Case From Al Kharj

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In late January we saw A MERS case reported from Al-Kharj - a 47 y.o. male with camel contact reported on January 27th followed by a 41 y.o. male listed as a Household Contact - Indirect Contact with Camel on February 12th. 

Three days ago the Saudi MOH Announced 2 (Fatal) MERS Cases, again from Al Kharj, one listed as a contact of an infected case and the other `under investigation'.

Today the MOH is back with a 5th case from the Al Kharj region - this time a 28 year old female Health Care Worker listed as an asymptomatic secondary contact, apparently the result of workplace exposure.  

We've not seen a WHO Saudi MERS update since February 2nd, which included the following information on the first case in this apparent cluster.

A 47-year-old male from Al-Kharj city developed symptoms on 24 January and, on 26 January, was admitted to hospital. The patient, who has comorbidities, tested positive for MERS-CoV on 27 January. Currently, he is in stable condition in a negative pressure isolation room on a ward. The patient has a history of frequent contact with camels and consumption of their raw milk. He has no history of exposure to other known risk factors in the 14 days prior to the onset of symptoms.

Given the paucity of information provided by the Saudi daily updates, we'll have to wait for another WHO update to unravel how all of these cases are interconnected. 

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