Tuesday, March 22, 2016

FAO: Egypt - 4th H5N1 Case in March

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After an unprecedented number of  human H5N1 cases (n=160+) reported by Egypt between November 2014 and May of  last year (see EID Journal: H5N1 In Egypt), avian flu reports stopped cold last summer.

Throughout this winter - despite numerous media reports of suspected cases - the Egyptian MOH maintained their country was free of H5N1 cases (see Egyptian MOH Statement: No Bird Flu Cases Since Last Summer) well into January.

While we've yet to see anything posted on the Egyptian MOH website, or seen a report from WHO, this lull in reporting was broken two weeks ago (see FAO: Egypt Reports Human H5N1 Infection), followed quickly by reports of two other cases (here and here).

Today a 4th case is reported by the FAO, the second from Giza, and with a reporting date of March 8th.

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