Thursday, March 17, 2016

Reuters Reporting: Two Test Positive For Ebola In Guinea

UPDATED:   WHO Confirms Ebola Tests


Roughly two months ago, just hours after the WHO had declared the end of Ebola transmission in Western Africa, a new case was announced by Sierra Leone, effectively resetting the countdown clock.  

Earlier today, Sierra Leone passed another 42 days without a new case, and the WHO declared the end of the transmission phase once again (see WHO Statement On End Of Ebola Flare-up In Sierra Leone).

As I wrote this morning, the has virus has proven very resilient. It likely remains endemic in the wild, and some percentage of those who have recovered may still be shedding the virus. All of which means that addtional flareups are considered possible.

Sooner than anyone could have predicted, media reports in the last hour indicate that at least two fresh cases of Ebola - this time in neighboring Guinea - have surfaced. At least according to a Reuters report quoting government officials.
If confirmed by WHO laboratory testing (likely, but not assured), this will be another serious setback.

UPDATE 1-Guinea says two people tested positive for Ebola

(Recasts after new Guinea cases, adds official quotes and context)
By Saliou Samb

Two people have tested positive for Ebola in Guinea, the government said on Thursday, hours after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared neighbouring Sierra Leone's latest outbreak was over.

Four people were tested and two of them were found to have Ebola, a government agency spokesman said. They were all from Korokpara, a village where three people from the same family have died in the past few weeks from diarrhea and vomiting.

"All of the sick people have been taken to the Nzerekore treatment centre," the National Coordination of the Fight against Ebola in Guinea's Fode Tass Sylla said. 
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