Saturday, March 05, 2016

Saudi MOH Announces 4 MERS Cases (3 Buraidah, 1 Jeddah)


Over the past two reporting days the Saudi MOH has announced two MERS cases from Buraidah; a 40 y.o. male who was reported to have died yesterday, and a 67 y.o. female reportedly in critical condition.

Today, the MOH announces 3 more cases from Buraidah, 2 listed in critical condition and 1 listed as stable. Their potential exposures are all listed as `Under Investigation', and it isn't clear how (or if) they are all linked.

Additionally a 49 y.o. male  Health Care Worker from Jeddah - also listed in stable condition -  is announced, and his route of exposure is also under investigation as well.  It is worth noting we haven't seen a report from in or around Jeddah in more than a month.

Over the past two weeks we've seen 18 new cases announced by the Saudi MOH - which is two more than we saw during the first six weeks of the year. 

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