Friday, March 18, 2016

UK APHA Epidemiology Report On LPAI H5N1 Outbreak in Scotland

Credit DEFRA


While North America has been fairly quiet this winter on the avian flu front, in December an (ongoing) Outbreak of multiple strains of bird flu broke out in France, while Scotland, in mid-January saw an Avian Flu Outbreak Confirmed As LPAI H5N1. 

On January 19th DEFRA offered a DEFRA: Preliminary Outbreak Assessment - LPAI H5N1 In Scotland, which found the H5N1 was unrelated to both the Eurasian H5N1, and the outbreak in France.

Unlike the H7N8 outbreak in Indiana, and last year's outbreaks in the UK and Germany, and France, the Low Pathogenic virus in Fife didn't mutate into an HPAI strain once it entered the commercial flock.

Today the UK's APHA (Animal & Plant Health Agency) has released a detailed epidemiological report on the outbreak. The 32-page PDF file may be downloaded from the link below, but I've included the executive summary.

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