Thursday, March 24, 2016

Vietnam Raises Zika Alert After Tourist Contracts The Virus


Although the countries of Southeast Asia are not currently listed has having active Zika Virus transmission, the assumption is that some limited circulation of the virus likely occurs in many tropical regions where the Aedes vector is found. 

Zika likely circulates in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, India, and even China, but due to the background noise from Dengue and Chikungunya, and a lack of Zika-specific testing, we don't have much data to support that.

Today, however - with news of an Australian tourist who appears to have contracted Zika during a recent visit to Vietnam - the evidence of local transmission in Vietnam appears to be stronger.

This (translated) statement from the Vietnamese MOH. 

Raising the alert level for prevention of disease due to Zika virus in Vietnam


On 22/3/2016, national focal agency implementation of the international health regulations (IHR) of Vietnam received information from the agency focal point on international health regulations of the World Health Organization (WHO) reported in Australia (Australia) have identified a case of Zika virus infection after returning from Vietnam. This case to Vietnam from December 26/02/2016 and exit on Australia on 06/3/2016; to 8/3/2016 expression Zika virus infection symptoms such as fever, rash, headache, muscle aches, conjunctivitis, nausea. During his time in Vietnam, this case went to Ho Chi Minh City, Khanh Hoa and Binh Thuan.        


Immediately after receiving information from the clue of WHO, the Ministry of health had established missions led by Vice Minister Nguyen Thanh Long as head of the delegation and leaders of the relevant units of the Ministry of health to the Khanh Hoa, Binh Thuan Province, to work with the people's Committee and the Department of related departments to directly steer the work to monitor, verify and implement disease prevention activities by the Zika virus. On the basis of reality check at the local, Deputy Minister Nguyen Thanh Long has directed the medical profession raised alert levels for disease prevention by Zika virus in Vietnam and asked medical units enhance the monitoring, sample cases have symptoms similar to Zika virus infection at the base visit healing and community, because there may be cases of virus infection is mild, moderate or no symptoms; promote communication activities guide people to self kill mosquito, flea sticks to prevent diseases caused by Zika virus and dengue fever. Earlier, to actively implement the Zika virus prevention activities and monitoring, verifying the Zika virus circulating in Vietnam, on 22/3/2016, the Ministry of health has directed the Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang Pasteur supports the local where the Australian case has been to strengthen suspected cases sampling to determine tests; available medications, supplies and products to ensure the monitoring, handling when Zika outbreak detection.

On 22/3/2016, IHR national focal agency, Office of emergency response for disease prevention (EOC) of the Ministry of health had contact via email and telephone directly with the clue of WHO and Australia's lead agency for the proposal to provide more detailed information about gate entry/exit, time, location and specific areas have come to Vietnam of this case. Do not yet have full information from the clue of WHO and Australia on the Australian case in time stay in Vietnam as well as not to exclude the possibility of Zika virus infection prior to and after leaving Vietnam of this case, the Ministry of health will continue to work closely with the WHO and the clue clue of Australia to clarifying the relevant information, monitoring implementation and verification to confirm the Zika virus circulating in Vietnam.

To date, the WHO announced the world had 59 countries and territories noted the Zika virus circulation, including some regional countries such as Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, ... also noted the case of alien Zika virus infection after returning from these countries and be treated as a country with the Zika virus circulation; the countries are also actively implement monitoring measures to verify the circulation of Zika virus and develop appropriate response measures. The who have recommended travel restrictions to the country are Zika virus disease.

Test results of more than 200 cases have symptoms similar to the disease caused by Zika virus in the province, key cities across the country have yet to have any case positive for virus Zika virus Zika capabilities parallel infiltration and circulation in our country is entirely possible. To actively prevent disease caused by Zika virus invade and spread in our country, the Health Ministry advised people strong perform the following preventive measures:

1. Pregnant women or plan to get pregnant within the next 6 months should not come to the country for disease are caused by Zika virus when not needed.  List of national circulation or Zika virus records are updated on the Website of the Department of preventive medicine:

2. Go/to/from the country are due to Zika virus disease proactively monitor health within 12 days, if there are any unusual signs of health come to medical consultation and treatment. Telephone hotline: 0989, 671. 115.

3. The return from the country are diseases caused by Zika virus, need to use condoms when having sex or not having sex with his wife (you love) are in the process of getting pregnant or planning pregnancy in order to avoid these complications can happen to the fetus.

4. People please apply measures against mosquito bites, actively kill mosquito and phasmid (wander). Downloads make up half an hour to conduct ground tools, clean the waste items around the home such as bottles, cans, boxes of beer, tires, scrap ... instead of water the average cotton; remove the salt or oil into the bowl of water listed kitchen cabinet legs. ...
IHR focal agency-the Department of preventive medicine, Ministry of health

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