Tuesday, September 27, 2016

ECDC: Updated Zika Transmission Maps


In the wake of recent reports of Zika transmission in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines the ECDC has updated their Zika transmission maps.

Current Zika transmission 

Page last updated on 27 September 2016

The information on current Zika transmission is useful to evaluate the risk for people who have recently returned from or are planning to travel to countries with active local transmission. 

Countries and territories are categorised as currently experiencing active local Zika virus transmission if local Zika infections have been reported by health authorities within the last three months.

The information is updated every Friday simultaneously with the update of the epidemiological situation, also each time a country is added or removed to the list of countries who report a Zika virus transmission or a country’s transmission status changes. Countries and territories are removed from this list if no new evidence of Zika virus transmission is provided within 9 months. The first declaration of local Zika virus transmission in a country or territory is based on a laboratory confirmed case reported by competent health authority. For countries outside of the intertropical range, sub-national information is presented.

As of week 17 in 2016, ECDC extended the period for classifying whether a country or territory has active local transmission from two to three months. This change is based on the fact that Zika virus outbreaks last usually for more than two months. In addition, ECDC added a ‘countries and territories with past vector-borne transmission’ category for countries having experienced transmission since 2007 up to three months ago.

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