Saturday, September 03, 2016

Malaysian MOH: 1st Locally Acquired Zika Case



Given the rapid emergence of Zika in neighboring Singapore over the past week, it comes as little surprise that Malaysia is now reporting their first locally acquired Zika case.

This (translated) statement posted by the Director General of Health for Malaysia, dated today, September 3rd.

Commission Press Release 3 September 2016 - Zika Infection Case of Local First in Malaysia
Ministry of Health (MOH) has received reports of local Zika virus infection cases were the first in Malaysia on September 2, 2016. The patient was a man aged 61 Dusun settled in Taman Public Jaya Likas, Sabah. The patient developed fever on 27 August 2016 and sought treatment for the first time in Luyang Health Clinic on 30 August 2016. On 31 August 2016, patients experience more severe fever, muscle aches and diarrhea, and had further treatment at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital ( HQE) 2.

Since the patient has also co-morbids which is suffering from high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, chronic kidney disease, problems with kidney stones and gout, the patient's condition was quite serious when treated in the Emergency Department and Trauma at the hospital. Although the test results from the Public Health Laboratory showed that the blood and urine samples tested positive for Zika patient, but the patient's condition is quite serious possibility Zika not caused by an infection, but due to other diseases that affects patients.

Ministry of Health are investigating the history of the patients in the recent period. It was found that the likelihood of infection is caused by Zika local infection (as the patient does not have to go abroad in the recent past and may have been bitten by an infected mosquito Aedes Zika). Based on the latest findings of the inquiry, the MOH has initiated vector control activities in the residential area of ​​the patient and other places visited the patient. Control activities carried out include eliminating breeding places of Aedes, larvaciding and fogging. In addition, contacts and close contacts to the patient will be checked whether they have fever or other symptoms of Zika.

The latest information obtained from the Ministry of Health of Singapore, showing overall, there were 11 confirmed infected Malaysians Zika virus. Ten (10) of whom live and work in Singapore while another was working in Singapore but residing in Johor.

Given the Zika virus have been detected in the country, is expected to increase Zika case will occur if precautions are not taken by the community and all parties. Therefore, the Ministry of Health once again emphasizes that a clean environment without Aedes breeding grounds, practice search and destroy Aedes breeding grounds each week by the community and protect themselves from mosquito bites such as using repellent is an effective method of preventing the occurrence of cases of Zika. No Aedes, no Zika and Dengue .

Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah

Director General of Health Malaysia

3 September  2016

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