Saturday, October 22, 2016

India: Second Zoo Reports H5N8 (Madya Pradesh)


According to media reports, a second Zoo, this time in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh State - about 100 miles to the south and east of New Delhi - is also reporting a bird die off due to avian H5N8.  

This comes on the heels of the announcement overnight that the recent bird die off at the New Delhi Zoological Park was due to avian H5N8 (see New Delhi Bird Flu Identified As H5N8),

The following report is from the New Indian Express:

Birds in Gwalior zoo died of H5N8 infection: Officials
By PTI  |   Published: 22nd October 2016 06:48 PM  |  
Last Updated: 22nd October 2016 06:48 PM
GWALIOR: Analysis of samples collected from two of the around 15 painted storks that died in the zoological park here, revealed the avians were infected with a new bird flu virus subtype, H5N8, a top official said today. Around 15 painted storks in the zoo died in the last few days, prompting the authorities concerned to send their samples for testing for bird flu virus.


"A close watch is also being kept on the poultry farms and birds around the zoo that have been closed for visitors since yesterday," Goyal said. Gwalior Municipal Corporation Commissioner Anay Dwivedi said the zoo currently houses around 300 avians of different species. "The zoo staffers have been given gloves and as well as tamiflu (an antiviral medication)," he said, adding spraying of disinfectants in the zoo is on. Meanwhile, sources said some groups working for bird and animal protection have written a petition to different ministries in Delhi to block a possible move of bird culling in Gwalior.

As we discussed in my last blog, avian H5N8 is new to the Indian sub-continent - and while it has yet to cause human illness - it poses a very serious threat to the poultry industry.

Given the rapidity of spread of this virus we've seen in South Korea, China, and North America, the detection of a second outbreak this soon - 100 miles to the south of New Delhi - has to be viewed as a worrisome sign.

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