Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Kazakhstan: Media Report Of Suspected Avian Flu In Poultry


With the arrival of cooler fall weather, avian flu activity in the Northern Hemisphere usually starts to rise.  So this time of year we tend to scour relatively obscure foreign media sources looking for signs of outbreaks.

Granted, media reports aren't always a reliable source. While these reports can occasionally provide us with a valuable head's up, as always, Caveat Lector.

Bearing that in mind, from Kyrgyzstan's National News Agency (KABAR) we get the following (translated) report of suspected HPAI H5 outbreaks in poultry in neighboring Kazakhstan.

Kyrgyzstan will check chicken products from Kazakhstan for avian influenza

Bishkek, October 25 / Mehriniso Sulaimanova -. Kabar / start checking chicken products from Kazakhstan for avian influenza in Kyrgyzstan. The agency "Kabar" said Head of the state veterinary supervision of the State Inspectorate for veterinary and fitosaniratarii Tolon Yrsaliev.

Note that today, it was reported in the local media that the north of Kazakhstan en masse are dying birds suspected of avian influenza (H5N1).

"We are working with poultry farmers in neighboring countries. And we have received information that in the north of Kazakhstan recorded outbreak of avian influenza. However, the official did not report it to the authorities of Kazakhstan did not confirm, "- quoted by the media the word domestic fanciers Ermek Mamyrkanova.
As explained in the State Inspectorate for veterinary and phytosanitary, Kyrgyzstan to Kazakhstan today sent an official letter in this regard.

"We still do not have official information. The fact that this happens, we have learned from the media. Also from the press, we learned that the Kazakhs were assured that it's not avian flu and salmonella. This is also a harmful disease, but it is not spreading rapidly, as avian influenza, "- said Tolon Yrsaliev.

He also said that today begins checking products that will be imported from the Karaganda region.

"We have a register of suppliers, through them, to begin work, the samples will be delivered to the laboratory for testing. If confirmed, the borders are completely closed to imports of these products from neighboring states. By the way, in case of outbreaks of some diseases, Kazakhstan should have warned the international representational office which deals with such matters, because it really is a terrible disease, "- said T. Yrsaliev.

Although H5N1 is mentioned as a probable cause, it is worth noting that Northern Kazakhstan lies only a few hundred miles to the west of Ubsu-Nur Lake, Russia where H5N8 was detected over the summer in wild and migratory birds (see FAO/EMPRES: H5N8 Clade Detected Over Summer In Russia).

While there are two annual bird migrations (spring and fall), a recent report (see Sci Repts.: Southward Autumn Migration Of Waterfowl Facilitates Transmission Of HPAI H5N1) pegs the fall migration as the biggest risk for the spread of HPAI by migratory birds.

With the overlapping and generally south and west fall migratory pattern (see map below), all of Central Asia, Eastern Europe, The Middle East, and even parts of Africa must remain alert for HPAI.

Credit DEFRA

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