Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Iran MOH: H5N8 Spreads, 500K Birds Culled


Ten Days ago, in OIE Notification: HPAI H5N8 Reaches Iran, we learned that two farms near Tehran had been infected with the H5N8 virus, and five days later, in a follow up report, Iran reported a 3rd farm infected as well.

Today, Iran's Ministry of Agriculture has announced a ban on the movement of poultry in the affected regions, and the culling of over 500,000 birds.
The translated statement, which is a combination of Arabic and Persian, is a bit dodgy in the syntax department, although the gist is fairly obvious.
ban on movement of poultry veterinary native province without coordination
Head of shift bans poultry veterinary native country without coordinating veterinary provinces and said: So far, more than 513 thousand hens in four centers of Tehran Province were identified and destroyed.

According to the news website of the Ministry of Agriculture quoted by IRNA, Mehdi Khalaj in a press conference Tuesday afternoon H5N8 avian influenza disease situation in the country, said the death toll in four single layer farms in the region, according to Malard Tehran Province, veterinary experts sampling took place and it was found in the centers of H5N8 avian influenza disease is common.

He added that a total of over 513 thousand hens in these units were dismantled.

Khalaj stressed that, in case of disease in poultry farms within 3 km after obtaining laboratory samples are transported to the slaughterhouse.
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Whether this is an additional 500K birds culled, on top of the 300K already reported last week, or simply 200K more is difficult to tell from the report.

Overnight the media in neighboring Turkey, which has previously dealt with large outbreaks of H5N1, has begun sounding the alarm. The following (translated) report from SOZ is fairly typical.

ATTENTION! Bird drop on the border, will enter the country 30.11.2016, 11:31 Turkey

ATTENTION! Bird drop on the border, will enter the country
It was announced that the birdie is about to enter the country

It is announced that bird flu, which marks its winter season every year, is about to enter the country.

Currently the H5N8 virus is seen from Japan to Europe all over the world.

In Turkey's eastern neighbor, Iran, birdwatch cases exploded. The Tehran government, which announced last week that it had been infected with H5N8 virus, announced today that hundreds of thousands of chickens have been culled.

Mehdi Halac, President of the Iranian Veterinary Institute, said bird flu was detected in four farms in Melard province east of Tehran. According to Halac's knowledge, more than 513,000 chickens were culled because of the high-level H5N8 virus.

Iran has also banned the transfer of poultry from one place to another without veterinary oversight.


Birdball emerged in Russia at the end of the summer, finally emerged in Japan with high infectious risk. The Japanese health authorities have divided 310,000 animals to be culled after the H5 virus found on Niigata farms killed 40 chickens. In Aomori, ducks are found to have bird flu and 165 thousand animals will be culled.

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