Monday, November 21, 2016

Japan: M6.9 Quake Off Fukushima - Local Tsunami Threat


Shortly before 6am Tuesday local time, a M6.9 (downgraded from M7.3 by USGS) earthquake struck offshore of Fukushima, generating small (1-3 meter) local tsunamis.

Evacuation orders are in place for coastal regions, as additional waves may roll in over the next few hours. 

You can watch local TV coverage (with English commentary) at

Damage reports are just coming in, and there are reports of minor injuries.  TEPCO is also reporting that the coolant pumps for the spent rods at #3 reactor at Fukishima Daini have gone offline, but the rods are covered with water, and there is no immediate danger. 

Tsunami warnings for waves up to 3 meters in height remain in place.   There have been multiple aftershocks.

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