Friday, November 25, 2016

Korea: MAFRA Orders 48 Hour Poultry Operation Standstill To Combat H5N6


With six South Korean farms now reportedly confirmed with H5N6, and four more under investigation, their Ministry of Agriculture (MAFRA) has ordered a 48 hour poultry operation standstill for poultry, poultry products, and livestock-related vehicles in an attempt to gain control over the outbreak.

Meanwhile, the Korean CDC is dispatching teams to all affected farms to ensure the proper safety precautions are being used, and that those in contact with sick birds are provided PPEs and antivirals. 

Two reports.  First from MAFRA, followed by an update from the Korean CDC.

National poultry suspension order (Standstill) issued Date 2016-11-25 10:40:00

The Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) announced on November 23, 2011, that the AI ​​crisis alert 'Border' was issued, and on Nov. 24, (Standstill) order for 24 hours from 11.27 (Sun) to 48 hours.

Suspension of movement is applied to 89,000 places * registered in KAHIS (National Animal Protection and Prevention System)

* 89,000 locations including farms (53,000), poultry slaughterhouses (48), feed mills (249), livestock-related vehicles (36,000)
During the suspension period, the central inspection team is composed of 42 persons (84 persons), and it is planned to check whether the farmers and livestock related facilities are properly implemented and to take strong measures such as imposition of fines

* In case of violation of the order to suspend the temporary suspension, he shall be punished by imprisonment for up to one year or fines of up to 10 million won in accordance with Article 57 of the Livestock Epidemic Prevention Act.

This temporary suspension order is executed in conjunction with the nationwide disinfection of poultry farms and poultry facilities across the country from 11.24 to 11.25 days.

This suspension is to be carried out in accordance with the SOP of avian influenza.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries announced that it will send an SMS to the target farmers and livestock stakeholders for the smooth execution of the temporary suspension order, post the notice, and plan to disseminate the contents in advance through its own network of producers' groups and NACF.

Finally, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries requested that all actors, including livestock farmers, affiliated companies, and municipalities, should make efforts to prevent AI from being shut down in order to ensure the effectiveness of the temporary suspension order.

While South Korea has yet to see a human infection with the H5N6 virus, China has reported at total of 16 since the virus emerged in 2014, and so their CDC is taking no chances.

On-site visit to AI (avian influenza) response

◇ Head of Disease Control Division visited Cheonan duck farmhouse in Chungcheongnam-do to respond to AI (avian influenza)
◇ AI 30-second hand washing for prevention of human infection, livestock farmers, visits to migratory birds

□ On November 25 (Fri.), the Disease Control Headquarters (General Manager) will visit the Byeongcheon-myeon office in Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do and the farmhouse where the disposal is done,

○ People were asked to wash their hands for 30 seconds to prevent human AI infection, and to observe personal hygiene regulations such as livestock farmers and migratory birds.

□ The Center for Disease Control and Prevention

○ Central H5N6 AI Human Infection Task Force is in operation and dispatches Epidemiological Investigators to the site where the AI ​​is generated to provide expert technical support for preventive management of the AI ​​Human Infection Task Force.

○ It instructs, supports, and supports human infection prevention measures such as antivirals and personal protective equipment, seasonal influenza vaccination, and personal hygiene training for high risk groups such as farm workers, livestock disposers, and response personnel.

□ Also for AI human infection

○ In order to prevent AI infection, general citizens should refrain from visiting livestock farmers or migratory birds, thoroughly follow personal hygiene rules such as washing hands for 30 seconds or more,

○ Livestock farmers and their families pay special attention to personal hygiene, wear proper work clothes when entering the barn, and promptly report them to the Livestock Protection Agency (1588-4060, 1588-9060) in case of AI suspicious axes .

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