Monday, November 28, 2016

Saudi MOH Announces 2 New MERS Cases


The Saudi MOH reports two more MERS cases today, with 1 (in Taif) linked to direct contact with a camel, with the other - in Riyadh - is listed as a household contact of a MERS case.

Going back through the cases, the last Riyadh MERS case I can find reported was in mid-October, making it unlikely to be the source of this infection.  

There have been several infections reported from surrounding cities, and it is possible the patient has been transferred to Riyadh.  It is also possible, I supposed, that we haven't seen the report on the contact case yet

Since the Saudi MOH no long publishes their CCC weekly monitor,
we'll probably have to wait for a WHO update before we can figure out this particular chain of infection.

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