Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Swedish Agriculture Ministry Confirms H5N8


No sooner than I had posted my last blog (FLI Director - H5N8 `A Dynamic Process' & `Has A Strong Tendency To Spread'), we get word that H5N8 has now been detected in Sweden.

Two locations are mentioned - Vellinge (H5N8) and Helsingborg (HPAI H5)-  both in southern Sweden, and about 70 km apart.  Both lie on the coast of the Øresund Strait which separates Sweden from Denmark. 
Helsingborg sits only 4km east  of Helsingør, Denmark, where the Øresund Strait is its narrowist. Denmark has been reporting H5N8 for a couple of weeks, and so the detection of the virus in neighboring Sweden comes as little surprise.

This from the Swedish Ministry of Agriculture.

Bird flu has been found at two locations in southern Sweden. The analyzes show at the National Veterinary Institute. The first case concerned a wild bird, a pickle, found in Vellinge Municipality and confirmed carrying the bird flu type H5N8. The second case concerns a crew laying hens outside Helsingborg who is infected with the influenza virus H5.SVA is working to analyze exactly what type of infection it is.  

Avian influenza type H5N8 has been circulating in Europe this autumn. The virus has not infected humans.

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