Wednesday, December 21, 2016

China: Shanghai Reports Imported H7N9 Case From Jiangsu, 1 Case in Fujian


The H7N9 case reports continue to trickle in.

Earlier today we saw 5 cases announced in Anhui Province, and now we have confirmation of a case in Fujian Province, and an imported case in Shanghai.

First, from Fujian Province, a case that FluTrackers has been trying to pin down for about 24 hours (see FT Thread). The Fujian MOH website has been unreachable, and so FT has been gathering media reports. 

Today, Sharon Sanders picked up the following report from Xiamen CDC.
Prevention of Influenza Health Tips
Published: 2016-12-21 | Font Size: Da Zhong Small
Source: Xiamen CDC

Autumn and winter of this year, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Hunan and other provinces, the number of reported cases of human infection of H7N9 cases . 11 Yuefen province other cities also reported cases. Siming District in the city recently discovered disease surveillance in 1 case of human infection of H7N9 cases as sporadic cases, the patient is currently in stable condition, close contacts of the case by the medical observation and sample testing, the current results are no exception.
From the Shanghai Municipal Commission on Health & Family Planning we get the following brief announcement of an imported case from Jiangsu Province.

Shanghai City, Jiangsu Province, reported a case of imported H7N9 imported virus infection confirmed cases

Published: 2016-12-21

Shanghai Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission on December 21 informed that Shanghai reported a case of Jiangsu Province, Shanghai imported H7N9 virus infection confirmed cases.

Patients, Zhang, male, 45 years old, Nantong, Jiangsu household registration. Diagnosed on December 21, is now actively in the treatment
While cases remain widely scattered, and we've no indication of efficient human-to-human transmission, reports over the past week seem to confirm that H7N9 is back for its 5th epidemic season. 

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