Saturday, December 03, 2016

French Media: H5N8 Expands To 7 Farms In 4 Departments


Government reports are often scarce on the weekends, although the work of identifying, isolating, and containing avian flu outbreaks continues 24/7.   
Yesterday the French Ministry of Agriculture confirmed H5N8 In Duck Farm In Tarn, and while their avian flu website hasn't been updated, multiple French media sources are reporting more outbreaks. 

Given the unofficial nature of the reports, I've marked the newly reported departments in orange (reported) until we get an official statement from the MOA, OIE, or FAO.

The following (translated) report comes from France 3 France Télévisions.

The specter of bird flu back in France. Four departments of the Southwest are affected by the epidemic. Disastrous consequences ahead for the sector.

At Almayrac Tarn, this Friday, December 2, a security perimeter was set up around livestock carriers ducks the bird flu virus. Veterinary services killed 2 000 ducks still present. They also intervene in a nearby farm. In total in the department, 18,000 birds were euthanized. A meeting was also held in the prefecture.

blow to the sector

The avian flu has rapidly spread. Tonight in the Southwest seven farms are affected: two in the Tarn, one in the Hautes-Pyrenees, three in the Gers and in the Lot-et-Garonne.
This is a new blow to the foie gras producers . After a blackout year, exports should have resumed tomorrow. Important containment measures are in place on farms to prevent the spread. If within three months no case of avian influenza is detected, exports should resume.

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