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MAFRA Raises Korean Avian Flu Alert To Highest Level

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Although Korea has faced many avian flu outbreaks in the past (including 15 million birds lost in 2014 due to H5N8), they've never felt the need to raise their bird flu alert beyond the second highest (border) level before.  

Their four-phased alert system runs from Interest -> attention -> border -> serious/severe phase.

On November 23rd, MAFRA raised their alert level to `Border' (or `Boundary').  Today, with the virus spreading rapidly throughout the country's poultry sector (see yesterday's detailed report), MAFRA has decided to raise their alert to the highest  `Serious' (or `Severe' depending on the translator used) level for the very first time.

Three reports.  First from MAFRA.

Held a livestock pest control council, deliberated on raising the crisis warning, and decided on the date of registration 

2016-12-15 18:00:00

The Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock (Minister Kim Jae-soo) announced on December 15 that he held a council on livestock pest control under the presidency of the Food Industry Policy Office and deliberated on "adjustment of crisis warning level".

The main review results are as follows

- Today 14:00 "Livestock Infectious Disease Council" will raise the crisis level from 'Border' to 'Serious'. However, it will deliberate and decide on the composition of the headquarters and detailed schedule through consultation within the government.

Key Considerations

① The outbreak continues mainly in the west coast area (Gyeonggi, Chungnam and North Jeolla)

* Reported trends: (11.16) 2 cases, (12.2) 2 cases, (12.10) 4 cases, (12.12) 13 cases, (12.13) 14 cases, (9)

increased anxiety due to the disposal of live animals increased number Based on 12.14 days (28th day), 266 cases, 11,401 Thousand years for disposal ('14.1.16 ~ 7.29, 195 days, 548ths, 13,961ths)
③ Expansion of wild migratory birds and deteriorating condition of winter disinfection
④ As a result of on-site inspection of Yeongnam area, there is a possibility of occurrence

The Department of Agriculture and Food called for active cooperation in the livestock industry to prevent the spread of highly pathogenic AI nationwide.

Reuters is reporting on this latest news as well, in:

South Korea raises bird flu alert to highest level for first time

Meanwhile, although the numbers in the media tend to vary widely, KBS News is reporting that 15 million birds have been culled in the first 30 days of this outbreak, suggesting this outbreak is spreading many times faster than H5N8 did in 2014.

Avian influenza: slaughtering of poultry accelerates

Published on: 2016-12-15 16:33:48
Avian influenza: slaughtering of poultry accelerates

Avian influenza is now spreading worryingly in the country.

In a single month, 15 million poultry were slaughtered across the country. New cases were reported in Eumseong and Sejong, Chungcheong Province in the center of the country, and in Icheon in Gyeonggi province surrounding the capital.

The health authorities immediately ordered the ducks and chickens of the affected farms to be slaughtered. At the same time, they launched a comprehensive review to confirm whether the cases were H5N6. The results will likely be known on Sunday.

In 2014, the country was also severely affected by the disease. At that time, nearly 14 million poultry had been slaughtered in 195 days. But this year, the operation is progressing six times faster than two years ago.

Faced with this worrying situation, the Ministry of Agriculture must decide this afternoon whether or not to raise the avian flu warning as much as possible.

Government officials are reportedly deliberating on how next to tackle this growing crisis. 

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