Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Media Report: Macao Registers 1st Human H7N9 Infection


It's the middle of the night in Macao, and for the past hour I've been trying to find some official statement, but so far all we have are multiple media reports indicating a 1:30am press conference was held by the local health department announcing their first human H7N9 case.

All of this comes on the heels of an announcement earlier today (see Macao : Detection Of H7 In Poultry - Sales Suspended 3 Days). While these reports seem solid enough, hopefully we'll see something official posted on the Macao SAR government portal in the next few hours.

First case of H7N9 avian influenza in Macao

December 14, 2016 02:19 Source: China News Network to participate in interaction

Macao, December 14 (Xinhua Longtu a) Macao SAR Government Health Bureau at 1:30 on the 14th held a press conference, a Guangdong 58-year-old male stall owner H7N9 avian influenza virus test results for the Positive, confirmed infection H7N9, which is the first case of Macao people infected with avian influenza virus.

According to the briefing, the HAD was found to contain H7 subtype avian influenza virus in a batch of poultry samples left for inspection in Macao. To ensure public health, the SAR Government immediately launched a contingency plan for avian influenza. It immediately shut down its wholesale poultry market and completely destroyed more than 10,000 live birds. It also carried out a thorough review of the wholesale market and the three bird markets in various markets throughout Australia. Cleaning and disinfection work,

The Department of Health has conducted an epidemiological survey to identify two persons as contact persons. They are a local male wholesale stall owner and a Mainland male cargo driver.

Health Secretary Lee Chin-run, said the male stall on the 13th morning will be infected with avian influenza chicken chicken cage onto the truck, after work in the stalls to go home, had contact with his wife. Patients in the afternoon by the fire department ambulance to the Peak Hospital. Health Bureau also designated the patient's wife close contact, responsible for transporting the patient's firefighters also need to receive medical observation.

Health Bureau said that the current health of patients with stable, and his wife are receiving isolation treatment. As for the male drivers, the drivers have been returned to the Mainland and the authorities have informed the Mainland of the follow-up action. (Finish)

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