Friday, December 09, 2016

Saudi MOH: 3 New MERS Cases - Dec 8th


The Saudi MOH website - which has been offline for 24 hours - is back up . . . at least partially. Connections are very slow, and now the reports on the English and Arabic MERS surveillance pages are out of sync with each other. 

Assuming the English language site is correct (a potentially risky assumption), we do have an update for yesterday's MERS cases - adding 3 - but no update (as yet) for today. 

There are two primary cases - one in Jeddah and one in Riyadh - both in middle aged males, with no risk exposure listed.  The third case - already expired - is a 60 y.o. male from Mahyel Aseer with recent direct contact with camels.

This brings the 12 day running total to 20 new MERS cases, 5 with recent camel exposure, 1 with a household exposure, and 14 listed as `primary' with no known exposure.

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