Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Saudi MOH Announces 3 Primary MERS Cases on the 27th


The release time for the Saudi MOH's daily MERS reports has  become somewhat erratic in recent weeks, and yesterday's report had not yet appeared on their site when I last checked it late yesterday afternoon.

This morning, the link for the report of the 27th indicates 2 new cases, but the map and chart actually show 3 (plus 3 recoveries).

In any event, this is likely to be the first of two reports I'll post today on Saudi MERS cases.  Or not. Depending on when or if the report for the 28th is published.

Today's report shows three primary cases, from three different cities, and all three list no known or suspected source of infection.  Two of the cases are in critical condition, while one is stable. 

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