Thursday, January 05, 2017

Statement From Guangdong Provincial Govt On H7N9 Cases


The announcement this morning that Guangdong Province detected 14 H7N9 cases during the month of December, along with media reports of possible additional cases already in January, has apparently raised the level of concern in the local government.

Given its close proximity to both Hong Kong and Macao - which have both already seen imported cases - that level of concern undoubtedly extends to those territories as well. 

Late this evening Hong Kong Time, the Guangdong Provincial government website posted the following statement on their renewed efforts to address the brewing epidemic.

Source: Ben Time: 2017-01-05 21:42:00 
Human infection with H7N9 influenza provincial government held a working meeting epidemic prevention and control
To further improve the prevention and control work to implement the re-deployment

  January 5 afternoon, the provincial government held a human infection with H7N9 influenza epidemic prevention and control work conference on the prevention and control work to further improve the deployment, and then implemented. Vice Governor Deng Haiguang for deployment.

  The meeting stressed that the province's government at all levels and relevant units to accurately grasp the current of human infection with H7N9 influenza epidemic prevention and control of the situation, to overcome the paralysis of thought, to strengthen the implementation of the measures, the real work to do meticulous been done to protect people life and health safety.  

First, the meticulous implementation of work measures. To effectively implement human infection with H7N9 influenza prevention and control of various plans, local governments conscientiously fulfill the epidemic prevention and control of territorial responsibility, the departments concerned duties, to speed up the progress of implementation. Cross-regional transport of live poultry, strengthen circulation, encryption inspection, testing, take the most safe and effective measures to strengthen supervision of poultry farms.  

Without compromise to implement the "live poultry business market 1110 (one day a cleaning and disinfection week a clean-up, closed January 1, live poultry zero population) management measures," "restricted zone of live poultry business," "live poultry business market temporarily closed "and other control measures, in particular, to strictly enforce the" zero population "system, do not stay dead. Accelerate the "3 1 1 specification and the" progress of the work: once a month to carry out joint supervision, once the province to carry out a unified animal epidemic prevention disinfection action monthly kill, Pearl River Delta and eastern Northwest each transformation 100 live poultry business market.

 Further standardize hospital fever clinics, outpatient clinics fever strictly enforce the system. The second is to go all out, do everything possible to strengthen the treatment, fewer deaths. To focus on the advantages of medical resources, to strengthen the "early discovery, early diagnosis, early treatment, early treatment" and other measures to strengthen the work of the rescue of critically ill patients, improve the success rate and reduce mortality.  

Strengthen investigation and early detection, diagnosis and treatment, to improve the level of first diagnosis, efforts to reduce severe cases and deaths. The implementation of the patient, in close contact with the isolation measures to strengthen the grass-roots medical staff training.  

Third guide the healthy consumption concept, and constantly enhance public awareness of disease prevention. Guide the masses poultry "centralized slaughtering, cold chain distribution, fresh listing" recognition, publicity of human infection with H7N9 influenza preventable, controllable and curable, prevention and control of the popularization of scientific knowledge.

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