Monday, February 27, 2017

Egypt: FAO Reports Two Human H5N1 Cases


Getting avian flu news out of Egypt is often tougher than it is from China, but on Saturday - in Egypt: Conflicting Media Reports Of An Avian Flu Fatality In Fayoum - we saw an Arabic media report about what was supposedly their first H5N1 case of the year.

Today the FAO is reporting on a fatal case in Fayoum (presumably the same one), and another case -  apparently from almost a month ago - in Menia. 

Both show a `reporting' date of the 27th, but the Menia case's `Observation Date' is listed as 01/02/2017, while the Fayoum case is listed as  01/05/2017.   There doesn't appear to be any mention of either of these cases on the Egyptian MOH website. 

The two FAO reports follow:

 I should also note that FluTrackers has picked up a media report suggesting the Fayoum case may be part of a family cluster (see Egypt - FAO confirms H5N1 bird flu death - Fayoum governorate - February 25, 2017 - Possible family cluster).

For more on the (murky) bird flu situation in Egypt, you may want to revisit my blog of three weeks ago called H5N8 & H5N1: Murmurs From The Middle East.

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