Friday, February 03, 2017

Macao Detects H7 In Poultry Markets For 2nd Time In 2017


It was only 9 days ago that Macao - after detecting H7N9 in their live poultry markets - halted the sale of poultry for three days to allow time for culling and disinfection.  Macao imports virtually all of their poultry from adjacent Guangdong province, which has reported more than 20 human infections with H7N9 during the month of January, and numerous detections in poultry.

Today Macao announced another outbreak, and another 3-day suspension of poultry trading - to allow time to cull and disinfect the markets. More than 10,000 birds have been, or will be, destoryed.

Note, one of the idiosyncrasies of translating Chinese to English is that the symbol for Macao translates to `Australia'.

HAD February 3 entrance test batch indwelling live poultry samples found with H7 subtypes of avian influenza virus, the full batch of live poultry No outflow market. To protect public health, the Government instant avian influenza program, to suspend trading of live poultry in Macao from now on at least 3 days, and full destruction of live poultry wholesale market and the wholesale, retail and other places of slaughter and thorough cleansing disinfection.

China imports of live poultry carried lien Department inspection and quarantine, among samples taken from chickens in, detected in samples of H7 subtypes of avian influenza virus positive. Based on considerations of public interest, the Department of Civil immediate series of measures, including an immediate embargo wholesale poultry wholesale floor, prohibit live poultry transported from the wholesale market, and the retention of the existing wholesale market in just about over ten thousand three hundred live poultry (including about more than eight thousand two hundred two thousand one hundred chickens and pigeons) fully destroyed. The Macao immediate effect, to stop the sale of live poultry least three days. According to the "avian flu emergency contingency plan", the detection field samples suspected of relevant sources registered will be suspended for Australia, the source of virus investigation.

The SAR Government will wholesale markets and Australia three birds each file to conduct a comprehensive cleaning and disinfection, also issued guidelines to the health of poultry workers in Macao and related staff, and will alert the health of poultry workers, closely monitoring developments. Health Bureau will be held tomorrow (February 4) to explain the activities of the poultry wholesale market practitioners, providing them with health advice and follow-up, their health.
Health Bureau According to the information provided by the IACM and epidemiological investigation, to define two drivers and two porters of close contact, and are mainland residents have returned to the Mainland, the Mainland authorities to follow up Health Bureau notification.

Health Bureau will continue and the country and neighboring areas in the health sector, World Health Organization keep in close contact, surveillance and outbreak Macao around, and through cross-sector and public-private partnerships, avian flu or Macau neighborhood once do prevention and preparedness. Based on past experience, the Health Bureau of the next period of time H7N9 bird flu activity more active, make the following appeal to the public in Australia:
  1. To avoid visiting recent influenza H7N9 bird flu downtown area, there are farms where the sale or display of birds;
  2. Avoid contact with birds and their secretions, excretions; if contact should wash their hands immediately;
  3. Do not buy, carry without quarantine birds;
  4. Do not eat undercooked poultry meat, offal, blood products and eggs;
  5. Note Gerenweisheng, wash hands frequently;
  6. Symptoms such as fever, cough, breathing difficulties, should wear a mask and seek medical advice as soon as possible, and to detailing the history of travel and animal contact history doctor.
For more information on Influenza A H7N9 bird flu can be found on the page Health Bureau or call the Health Department infectious disease hotline within Bangongshijian 28,700,800.

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