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Taiwan: H5N6/H5N2 Confirmed At Local Duck Slaughterhouse


Five days ago, in Taiwan BAPHIQ: HPAI H5N6 Found In Dead Goose we saw the first detection of HPAI H5N6 in Taiwan - in a dead gosling found near some poultry farms. Authorities immediately set about testing all poultry farms within a 3KM radius.
While there were (faint) hopes this was an isolated finding, today Taiwan's  BAPHIQ (Bureau of Animal Plant Health Inspection & Quarantine) has announced the detection of both the HPAI H5N6 and HPAI H5N2 virus among frozen chickens shipped and processed from that area.
Nearly 3,800 frozen carcasses are to be destroyed.  It seems likely the H5N2 detected at this slaughterhouse is one of the two existing H5N2 viruses that have plagued Taiwan in recent years - but with the arrival of H5N6 - a new reassortant is always possible.

Based on H5N6's rapid spread in Korea and Japan, and Taiwan's difficulties in controlling HPAI H5N8 when it arrived on the island in 2015, infecting more than 1000 farms (see Taiwan Culled 5 Million Birds In 2015), today's announcement will doubtless set a lot of wheels in motion.

Ilan, Hualien duck slaughterhouse intercepted only confirmed H5N6 avian influenza, instant-response mechanism

Council of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (CIQ prevention), said the afternoon of September 5, Hualien Yuli detected H5N6 subtype highly pathogenic avian influenza Gosling picked up the place, the implementation of the monitoring and control of poultry farms within 3 km radius around in 6 onwards, and limit waterfowl Hualien County ban on or before February 21 shipped to other counties slaughterhouse slaughter, but the day within 3 km radius of the duck in a move control before a group of ducks feeding only Ilan slaughterhouse slaughtered by slaughterhouses immediate interception by Ilan County animal and Plant health inspection by sampling, carcasses be thoroughly frozen, the present (11) day Council of agriculture animal health Research Institute (animal health the) diagnosed as H5N6 and H5N2 subtype highly pathogenic avian influenza briefing revealed that only 3,787 dollars frozen carcasses immediately judged abandoned destroyed, the day after the end of the slaughterhouse slaughtering operations carried out field area Chedi expand cleansing and disinfection, and clearance 24 hour. Also, the expansion of the scope of control and monitoring of poultry farms around the frequency of Hualien County Animal and Plant Health as the source of ducks for the batch field.

Prevention and Quarantine Bureau explained, in response to domestic poultry (ducks) detected H5N6 subtype highly pathogenic avian influenza, the Council of Agriculture and the Hualien County Government, among other counties had previously established emergency response teams, and start the Hualien County ban waterfowl shipped slaughterhouse slaughter; Ilan, Hualien, Taitung implementation of the regional defense ahead of the establishment of a number of measures to be deployed outside the quarantine station, to take more stringent as the source for this case around the poultry farms field monitoring controls, namely monitoring by the scope of the original radius of 3 km extended to 5 km, and to improve the monitoring frequency reduced from the original once a month to once every two weeks, after three consecutive months of confirmation of avian influenza virus activity was not detected before releasing control measures in the region. Meanwhile, the poultry farms within 5 km radius, subject to first detect the presence of virus-free, listed before slaughter. Another county will also conduct a comprehensive visit its jurisdiction all poultry farms.

Prevention and Quarantine Bureau emphasized that, according to the outbreak of H5N6 subtype highly pathogenic avian influenza experience Korea and Japan, the strong force of the spread of the virus through the waiting (wild) birds after the invasion, easy by poultry, personnel, vehicles, cages, equipment and wild birds other means of communication in the marketing environment.
Therefore, all domestic poultry industry should be alert to implement hold a cautious attitude inside the software and hardware biological Anquancuoshi, must not be taken lightly. Bureau shows that the poultry industry's first and foremost task is to strengthen the anti-bird birdhouse facilities, blocking the poultry with the incoming (wild) birds routes of exposure, and make access control, usually should be strictly prohibited outside the vehicles and personnel comes into play, if not be You must order comes into play, should also requires personnel to replace clothing and footwear, and rigorous disinfection of vehicles after Chedi, before entering. In addition, if found inside the case of poultry abnormal mortality or food intake, water intake, egg production rate decreased abnormal, should immediately notify the local animal epidemic prevention organs to assist in clarifying the reasons, but also to avoid the possible spread of the epidemic and marketing environment, the protection of the whole industrial safety.

Prevention and Quarantine Bureau noted, H5N6 subtype highly pathogenic avian influenza is currently available only in Chinese mainland have occurred avian-human transmission cases, Japan and South Korea poultry farms and wild birds, although severe outbreak, but no case of human transmission of avian outgoing. In addition, anti-seizure Bureau has accredited slaughter each slaughterhouse veterinarian health check for strict checks, providing consumers with a healthy source of meat, poultry and eggs cooked as long as, and to avoid contact with wild birds feeding , hand washing and other Gerenweisheng measures can avoid the risk of infection.

Contact: Deputy Director Shi Taihua Tel: 02-23431464    2017-02-11

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